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Our therapists, all with Doctorates of Physical Therapy, and our hand selected staff “all go above and beyond the norm” to help our patients and clients succeed in their stated goals.

Points To Consider When Selecting the Best Physical Therapist For You

All physical therapists are NOT the same

  • PTI physical therapists are all Doctors of Physical Therapy; not all physical therapists are.
  • PTI physical therapists have been with us for over ten years; most physical therapists do not have that longevity.
  • PTI therapy staff regularly participate in ongoing education to remain tops in their field & also teach at local universities; most therapists can not say the same.

We think you will find PTA’s standards and professional training are of the highest order. We hope you will be our next success story.

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All physical therapy offices are NOT the same

  • PTI is owned by the two therapists who opened its doors 30 years ago; most PT offices currently are owned by hospitals, outside investors, public companies or physician owners answering to outside interests.
  • PTI is responsive to your needs and customizes your care; many PT experiences are impersonal and ineffective.
  • PTI treats you like family striving to establish life long relationships; many PT experiences are impersonal and one size fits all.

All physical therapy visits do NOT cost the same

  • PTI fee schedule is typically less expensive than other venues; in most cases hospital outpatient being the most expensive.
  • PTI provides payment transparency and is client friendly helping you to understand your insurance coverage; most PT offices do not have the staff to provide this service.
  • PTI is a preferred provider for most insurance plans; many PT offices are not as many insurance panels are closed.
  • PTI has a discounted cash only fee schedule for clients who do not have insurance; most PT offices are more expensive.

Read what your neighbors have to say...

  • When I first arrived at the Physical Therapy Institute I was assigned Mary Trebitz as my Therapist. I had just gotten off my walker and was beginning to use a cane. Right from the start I found Mary was very attentive to my therapy needs and also made sure that I was comfortable with the exercises that she had me do.…

    Joanne A.

  • Dr. Mary Trebitz was awesome. I ruptured my quad tendon and she had me up and running in 3 months. The entire team at Physical Therapy Institute is extremely friendly.…

    Ted R.

  • They are professionals from the get-go. Besides having great professional therapists they are honest when dealing with financials. I over paid a bill because of a deductible error from my insurance company and I opened up my mail today and found a refund check. Now that deserves a big "atta-boy.…

    Stephen P.

  • Mary Trebitz a great therapist, makes me feel so relaxed because I know I'm gonna feel wonderful the next day and more. She's good at juggling her patients so no one ever waits for their treatment.…

    Jean L.

  • I am happy to write a review recommending the Physical Therapy Institute in Delray Beach, Fl. My reverse shoulder surgery took place on September 9, 2020 at New York Presbyterian - Hudson Valley Hospital in Cortlandt Manor, NY, after which I commenced physical therapy.…

    Anita P.

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