Performance Statistics

Years in Business: 30
New Patients: Same Day Evaluations
Staffing Ratio: 3 Employees/1 Patient
Therapist: Same from beginning to end of care
Education: 6 Therapists: 1 PhD, 4 doctorates of physical therapy, 1 MPA, 2 PTA, 1 is also an athletic trainer
Parking: Extensive
Waiting Times: 0 – 10 Minutes
Fees: $65 per visit
Avg Treatment Time: 75 minutes
Patient Satisfaction: 98%
Prescriptions: Not required for non Medicare patients
Hours: 8am – 7pm, Monday – Friday
Ownership: Linda J. Zane/Ira M. Fiebert PT’s residing for 30 years in Boca Raton
Payment: Medicare assignment, most insurance plans, credit cards, cash discount, no interest payment plans and liens